Want Socialism? Destroy the Strength of Families

August 17, 2015

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Think about someone who is very powerful, influential or just plain mega-rich.  Chances are that they come from a big and strong family.  While this isn’t always the case, there is an inherent connection between the strength of a family and the type of contribution that its members make in communities, business or in the political arena.  Rockefeller, Kennedy, Bush.  These names, among many others, have made an indelible mark on the history of the United States while also having a hand in shaping the  future of the nation.

I’m not saying that big families make only good impacts on society, and plenty of them have cast some pretty dark shadows over our nation as well.  A number of fathers and heads of organized crime families comes to mind.  However, even though their influence involves things like murder and extortion, their impact is tangible nonetheless.

One of the biggest weaknesses of our society is the ideal that kids move out of the house when they turn 18 years old.  Our sense of individualism is wrongly associated with success and living out the American dream.  Some of the most successful and secure individuals come from big families, and they tend to live their lives with the needs and goals of their families in mind.

Individuality does not work as well as keeping families strong for a number of reasons.  First, it places less financial and material strain on families who are struggling.  Families who are close, big and strong tend to provide a support system that is hard to duplicate by other means.  This type of social-structure has been in existence for most of human history, and it’s only been in the recent past that the modern world decided differently.

The other reason that individuality is not as good as most of us grew up believing is that it requires a certain degree of selfishness and a whole lot of consumption.  It also spreads resources thin and places a burden on one or two people to build and maintain a life. It also causes families to become fragmented and dilutes the strength of maintaining strong ties to relatives.

I’m not saying that individualism is wrong, or that we need to sacrifice this unique, American quality.  I’m saying that it should be balanced with a sense of obligation, duty and love to the family.  Strong families make for a stronger nation, because they produce strong people who can shape and influence the direction that America takes.

Liberals hate strong families.  They hate a strong population.  They also ultimately hate life itself because much of their philosophy is centered on the destruction of the family through abortion, the celebration of divorce and gay marriage.  We know people by the fruits of their ideals and life’s work.  Look at the difference between the quality of life of the liberal elite when compared to the strength of big, conservative families.

Liberals want to replace the activities and responsibilities of family with the government.  They want to create a population that has little knowledge of their history, no moral compass that is guided by faith and no sense of obligation to the greater civic good.  They want to create individuals who are tired, broken and listless.  They want to create a need for big government and small individual freedoms.

One of the first things that often happens in countries that get taken over by maniacs who perform genocide is to kill or separate parents from their children.  Then they separate siblings.  Why?  Because destroying the strength of families is key to the emergence of socialism and totalitarian regimes.

Families drove the formation and growth of the United States, and the eradication of families that is occurring now will lead to its destruction.  Our government is trillions of dollars in debt, due in large part to entitlements that wouldn’t exist to the degree they do now if families were stronger.  Our schools are moral cesspools.  Our public sphere is devoid of any kind of guiding principles, and we have created a society that is full of distrust, suspicion and competition that emerged as the power of families diminished.

People like Hillary and Bernie don’t see the importance of families.  They see the importance of keeping people as cut off from one another, isolating them and then creating a governmental parent.  Our biggest challenge in this country is to rebuild families and bring the benefits of familial strength back into the public sphere.  Otherwise, what kind of future will this nation have?

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