The Real Issue Behind the Planned Parenthood Video Scandal


The hidden tapes that have revealed the butchery happening behind closed doors at abortion clinics will be a game-changer in the fight for life. There is no way that Planned Parenthood, pro-abortion politicians or their strategists can backtrack from the grotesque conversations and activities that have been caught on tape for the world to see.  What the world saw was that abortion has more to do with business than freedom, and this industry operates in the shadows of hell.

The fallout from these videos has been predictable.  The liberal establishment has denounced their release as an illegal and well-edited smear campaign by an “extremist” group that is bent on distorting the truth.  They try to divert attention from the horrific content in the videos.  They talk about how the people in the videos have been misled, misquoted and misrepresented.  They stand behind Planned Parenthood and brag about all of the good work that they are doing. They argue that removing federal support will have a horrible impact on the health and well-being of millions of poor women around the country.

But you know what they are not talking about?  The clips of baby body parts being lined up on a tray for inspection to determine their financial value.  You don’t hear defenders bringing up those conversations about how doctors can use different techniques to preserve “specimens”.  There’s no mention of research doctors coming into abortion clinics and conducting their own procedures in order to obtain the best possible “samples”.


What we hear instead is how fanatical, right-wing hate groups are trying to use this “fabrication” to sway public perception and manipulate facts.  We hear about the poor people who were interviewed in these tapes are now in danger and their lives will never be the same.  We hear that the release of these tapes has the potential to set women’s-rights issues back a hundred years.  Leftist pundits and supporters have even gone so far as to try and make the subjects of these videos look like they are the victims, and that the release of the videos have placed their lives in danger.

The content of these videos speaks for itself, no matter how heavily they are edited.  You can’t fabricate statements and conversations.  You can’t dispute the fact that discussions took place about how to conduct procedures to produce results that are attractive to researchers.  You can’t edit away the fact that Planned Parenthood knew that these activities were illegal.  It’s also obvious that words were parsed so that they could talk about how to make illicit financial gains while remaining within the boundaries of the law.

The release of these videos is a bombshell that has exploded on a level similar to the damage that Edward Snowden caused when he went to the press.  It will re-ignite and define the abortion debate for decades to come.  It shows a glimpse into the realities of what happens in abortion clinics as well as the heartless, callous and evil people who participate in this industry.  These videos do more than any protest, literature or graphic illustration can accomplish in persuading people not to murder babies.

However, they also reveal how evil the left has become, and their shameless attempt to defend Planned Parenthood makes it plain to see that these are people who have no respect for life in their hearts.  Their support for a flawed philosophy overshadows basic human decency, and this is what America really needs to realize.

As much as the left loves to paint conservatives as small-minded, hate-mongering radicals who want to limit freedom, their response to these videos have proven otherwise.  They don’t care about life.  They don’t care about freedom.  They don’t care about truth.  In fact, their response to the videos shows how far the liberal establishment will go to suppress the truth at any cost.  But why?

That is the million dollar question that everyone seems to have an opinion over.  However, the reasons why aren’t as important as the fact that we are living in a country where death is taking precedence to life.  These videos laid bare the true nature of elected leaders and officials who downplay butchery for the sake of defending their version of freedom.

The real issue that these videos bring to the table isn’t just that babies are being murdered and then sold, but that leaders in this country support these activities no matter the cost.  Hopefully this glimmer of truth will lead to the nation to take a long and hard look at who is running the country and vote them out of office.  If not, then we truly face some really dark days ahead.  God help us.

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