The Iran Nuclear Agreement and the Threat to Freedom

September 10, 2015




Congressional action to prevent President Obama from pushing through the Iran deal without review and public comment is starting to pay off. More information is coming to the fore as members of Congress are shedding light on some of the finer points of the deal. Unfortunately, none of them bode well for national security or American interests overseas.


There have been a lot of conflicting reports as to what is really being negotiated behind closed doors. We’ve heard that one of the perks of the deal is that Iran gets to conduct their own nuclear inspections and report back with their findings. Then we’ve heard the exact opposite from the Obama White House as soon as that news broke.


We were told that US troops would be pulling out of the Sinai Peninsula, a move which would destabilize the middle east and eliminate a protective buffer from Israel and adversaries in Africa. This could arguably be a tactic by the Obama administration to pressure Israel into going along with this deal. However, once the story broke, we were told that troops are not going anywhere. Now we are being told that Israel had a plan to attack Iran and destroy their nuclear capabilities years ago, but they didn’t because of pressure from the United States. The Obama administration has yet to comment on this revelation.


What became evidently clear is that the White House is trying very hard to push through a bad deal without informing the American public of its specifics. The deal is so bad and so dangerous that even Congressional Democrats are starting to voice their opposition. This could very well be the final nail in the coffin of Obama’s clear attempt to empower Islamic nations at the expense of Israel and the west.


However, chances are that we will never know the whole truth of why this deal was put together in the first place. We know that Iran is a sworn enemy of America and Israel. We know that Russia is supplying Iran with weapons and technology. We know that Iran has opened up channels with China.

None of this is good for freedom and stability in the Middle East. America would essentially be paying Iran to develop their anti-western regime and weapons-making capabilities. And for what? For the sake of a false peace that will lead to nothing but WWIII at the end of the day?


What is boggling is that the Obama White House is intent on giving an olive branch to our sworn enemy for the sake of a false peace in the middle east, but he has also intentionally put Israel on the path of destruction. Iran would not be in this position today if Israel took steps to neutralize their capability to make nuclear weapons years ago, and we’re responsible for the way things stand today.


Infusing Iran with money from the west will not be used to build up the lives of oppressed people. It will not be used to develop infrastructure or promote freedom in the region. It will be used by a regime that harbors, supports and sends out terrorists to attack freedom around the world. It will empower people and groups to conduct more attacks and exert the influence of radical Islam around the world as well. It will also help a fanatical regime to develop a stockpile of nuclear weapons that will change the global geo-political landscape, and not in a good way.


However, this is a big part of Obama’s solution to establishing peace in the Middle East. However, if his strategy was to remain unchecked, it would ultimately lead to the demise of Israel and the disappearance of the only true democracy in the region. This treaty is little more than a superficial, yet far-reaching attempt to remove Israel from the equation and hand control over the Middle East to fanatics.


It will also open the door for Russian and Chinese dominance in the region. This will most definitely disrupt our access to oil, weaken our economy and diminish our standing as a global power. This is exactly what the United Nations is hoping to accomplish through the emergence of a “new world order”, and this treaty will play a big role in moving us in that direction.


Make no mistake, the conflicting stories that have emerged this week are evidence of some very troubling attempts by the Obama White House to muscle their way into a horrible agreement. Let’s just hope that Congress really has the willingness to put this deal to rest once and for all. Otherwise, our way of life, security and freedom will be in greater jeopardy than ever before.






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