The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal that Won’t go Away

August 6, 2015

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The presumptive Democratic nominee for president keeps finding herself in hot water over her emails.  The FBI is now investigating whether or not Hillary Clinton broke any laws with respect to how she accessed and stored classified material on her personal server.  In a day and age where our enemies can easily break into databases and secure networks and steal sensitive data, it boggles the mind that our former Secretary of State would not use better judgment.

Her defense all along has been that she wanted to keep control over her communications, partly for the sake of convenience.  We all know how annoying it can be to carry numerous portable electronic devices with us, and that having everything tied together makes life a lot easier.  However, we are talking about the Secretary of State here, and the idea that she was willing to sacrifice national security for the sake of convenience is nothing short of extraordinary.

The fact that she is still the top contender for the 2016 Democratic nomination is nothing short of mind-boggling.  However, this is Hillary Clinton who were are talking about here, so it’s not all that surprising that she’s been able to worm her way out of his mess so far.  The question is whether or not she can continue to get away with this.

Keep in mind that Hillary is one smart cookie, and she has a lot of experience with covering things up and squirming out of trouble.  Even when she is caught with her hands dirty, she has an uncanny knack for convincing people that she is as clean as the day is young.  Keep this in mind as she stands in front of the cameras and tries to tell the world that she innocently decided to install and maintain a private server in her home to handle her work-related emails.


She knew exactly what she was doing, and it’s pretty obvious that her team dropped the ball when it was time to clean house after her tenure as Secretary ended.  The question is whether she just used bad judgment and didn’t think of the consequences, or if she was intending on holding on to communications to cover up her activities while in office.  Considering Hillary’s illustrious track record with respect to scandals, it’s not unreasonable to assume that she was more concerned about the latter.

Imagine how much official history has already been re-written because state emails didn’t go through traceable and record-able channels.  Think of Benghazi, dealings with Iran, Middle East and trade negotiations with China.  Imagine all of the details of her tenure in office that could be gleaned from an examination of correspondence that should have been part of the public record.  But no.  Hillary was able to sift through all of those communications and decide what would be preserved and what to delete.

There’s a reason that official government communications are recorded and archived.  This practice keeps officials accountable to the public.  The destruction of documents were an integral part of the demise of the Nixon administration as well as the backbone of the Iran Contra Affair.  These and other events have contributed to the established precedent that correspondence and communications between government officials are part of the public record.

What makes this scandal so sensational, and dangerous, is that her actions were so blatant and obvious that nobody really took notice until it was too late.  She had already deleted thousands of emails before turning material over to Congress.  That evidence will also be difficult, if not impossible, to retrieve through forensic analysis during any criminal investigations.  She literally got away with it, and now all she needs to do is lie to her supporters and schmooze the public in order to put this behind her.  Or so she thinks.

At the very least, she used bad judgment and put our national security at risk.  That alone should be enough to drive the final nail into her political coffin.  Nobody wants a reckless and secretive person as president.  Period.  However, it’s up to conservatives to decide how to play this in the 2016 campaign in order to really keep this issue front and center.

The 2016 election is more than just making sure that we get a conservative Republican into office.   This election will define the direction that our nation takes as well as what it will tolerate and expect from its leaders.  It is about keeping Hillary out for the sake of the future of America, and relentlessly exposing this email scandal is our best shot.

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