Patriot Act Pros and Cons

Patriot Act Pros and Cons

The debate has been going on now for several years. Is the Patriot Act Unconstitutional? Is the Patriot Act fair? Is the Patriot Act right for the people of the U.S.? We will look at these questions from different angles and let you decide for yourself.

The USA Patriot Act stands for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required To Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism. Patriot Act the term is actually an acronym. The Act was signed into law quickly without much debate back in 2001 right after the September 11th attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. The Patriot Act was put in place to protect America and many at the time agreed with the Act and went along with it. That was at first. That was when many Americans felt threatened for their safety. Now, many have had time to reflect back on the Patriot Act and feel differently.

The Patriot Act Pros and Cons is a topic that is much like a double edged sword. On one hand many feel they would like to be protected and feel that they will give up some rights to be safe. Others, on the other hand feel that the Patriot Act goes against the US Constitution and actually takes away some of our rights as citizens of the U.S. What is your freedom worth? That is the burning question. Is it worth giving up a few of your rights?

The Patriot Act touches almost everything from more funding for businesses that are affected by terrorist attacks all the way to funding for affected families of terrorist attacks. The main reason the Patriot Act was put in place was to prevent future terrorist attacks on U.S. soil and overseas attacks on Americans. With the Act, we would try to stop the attacks before they take place to prevent American deaths.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Patriot Act are as follows. Is the Patriot Act too in depth? Does it cover too many points? Is our reading material really something that should be looked at to determine whether or not we are a terrorist or have terrorist activities planned? One of the “titles” of the act include to ability to do just that. Library records can be searched. In other words, if you check out a book that is questionable and could lead to authorities to think you are involved in terrorist activities, you could be accused of just that. Does that go too far? Should you be reading those books? The question remains as if this is too close to home or not.

Many people next thought that the freedom of speech from the Constitution is being taken away by the surveillance. Should what we say cause us to be accused of terrorist activities? Do people say things that they do not mean? This act took words seriously and to many this is a violation of the Constitution and violates the rights of Americans. This is a disadvantage to some because they would rather have full rights on freedom of speech.

The advantages of the Patriot Act are fairly simple. The acts were put in place to protect America. If you are an American citizen and care about your family being safe from terrorist attacks, you see the pros of the US Patriot Act. The US Patriot Act also has made several “upgrades” over the years and must be signed for expansions by the President. Many of the changes in 2005 were to make the act better. One of the pros of the Patriot Act is just that. The ability to be adjusted.

The Patriot Act Controversy has been alive and strong for over 10 years now. It might go down as the most controversial act in US History. Only time will tell. Until then, the act is alive and well.

by Christian

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  1. Nato Says:

    This article answers questions and open up questions. When it comes down to it the constitution is a great tool for Americans but is outdated and does need to be reformed for todays world with a complex support of many devices and unintended groups that are totally against the US of A and our great belief in a free America. For us to question this act is understandable but is it necessary? I know personally I am not hiding anything and if the Government wants to question my actions, they better have the correct evidence and a reason. I do not feel that they are lookin into our lives or even have time to bother with everyday situations. There is a bigger picture here and for that I am greatful that they put this in place. Just my point of view. I just hope thier intentions are used for the safety of Americans and actually utilized to make America a safer place.



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