Obamacare and Religious Freedom Battle Rages On

September 24, 2015

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Contrary to public belief, religious groups are still struggling to protect their constitutional rights when it comes to being forced by the government to provide reproductive services.  While some high court decisions have been handed down in favor of religious groups, many are still challenging the essence of the Obamacare abortion and contraception requirements.  What is clear is that an inconsistent application and interpretation of the law is burdening religious groups across the country while severely limiting our constitutional right to religious freedom.

Religious groups still must prove to the government that they should be exempted from Obamacare requirements.  This means that the inherent right to freely exercise the practice of faith is limited by a governmental constraint.  The Obama administration is trying to compromise with religious groups as a way to solve this problem.  However, the origins of the problem stem from a constitutional right to be free from any governmental obligation that intrudes into the sanctity of matters of faith.

As it stands now, groups can ask the government for an exemption to providing reproductive services.  However, the government still can decide whether or not a group qualifies.  Additionally, the act of having to go through some kind of appeal process can be reasonably argued to fly in the face of the Constitution to begin with.


This is nothing new.  We’ve already experienced decades of governmental intrusion into our liberties.  Restrictions on the 2nd Amendment, limitations on free speech and the loss of habeas corpus are just a few notable examples.  However, there has never been a more sustained and far-reaching imposition on religious freedom until Obamacare, and it will take decades before the matter is put to rest once and for all.

The real threat comes from the judiciary branch of government, and it seems that the Supreme Court is happy to keep remanding cases to lower courts in order to keep the issue from the docket for as long as possible.  This strategy is part of a larger movement to influence society and shift public opinion with respect to this issue.  This is also nothing new, as the liberal establishment has been working tirelessly to force all Americans to comply with their ideals.

What is truly at risk here is the right of people, organizations and churches to hire employees, get government funding and perform services in the form of ministry without compromising their beliefs.  If the government can step in and force people of faith to behave or materially support activities that contradict their beliefs, then the freedom of religion is subjugated.

Unfortunately, we live in an era where the judiciary is assuming more power than ever, and control over our destiny as a free republic is being given to a handful of appointed judges.  The unprecedented intrusion into the right of religious expression in America is arguably the biggest threat to our constitutional liberties.  Once we lose this battle, everything that we hold near and dear will be gone before we know it.

The outcome of the various legal battles that religious groups are facing will set the stage of how the government will exert control over the American people now and in the future.  The danger is that the Constitution will be re-written and leave us with far fewer freedoms than we were intended to possess as basic, human rights.

We are facing a crucial juncture in our history, and Obamacare represents so much more than just access to universal health care.  It has opened the door to the end of liberty as we know it, and it will be difficult to gain back what has already been lost.  However, there is still hope and a chance to turn things around.  But, it will require a sustained effort on patriots around the country to rally the troops and get the truth out to an increasingly apathetic public.

This is why the 2016 election is so crucial to the future of America as we know it.  The people who we elect to office will undoubtedly play a crucial role in determining the course of this country.  However, it is not beyond the scope of reason to see people imprisoned, lose their assets or banned from expressing their religious beliefs if they do not comply with governmental demands as things stand today.

While such take-overs have occurred in other countries over the course of history through coups and civil unrest, we will be the only nation to willingly give up our rights at the ballot box.  Unfortunately, this possibility is looking more and more realistic as time passes by, and religious groups are caught in the cross hairs of this ongoing battle.


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