Mass Muslim Migration and the end of Freedom

September 24, 2015

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The United States, Europe and Australia are facing a migration crisis that has the potential to alter the face of the developed world.  Millions of refugees from Africa and Asia are trying to cross borders each year, and this presents a dangerous challenge for governments.  One of the biggest problems is that our attitude of “tolerance” and “diversity” makes it hard to turn people away with a clean conscience.  On the other hand, these migrants threaten to destabilize our entire way of life.

This problem hasn’t been that visible in the United States when compared to what Europe has been experiencing for a number of years.  We have a problem with people from Latin America who try to cross our borders.  However, they tend to have similar values and cultural expectations as we do.  While they cross illegally, they are usually not hell-bent on destroying our values or way of life.

On the other hand, Europeans have been enduring an onslaught of migrants from Muslim countries, and many of these people are out to impose their values onto their hosts.  Entire communities have formed that are centered on Islamic culture and law, and many activists try to twist public laws to their advantage.  This has worked to a large degree.  People in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are slowly subjugating their cultural and social identity to appease Muslim immigrants.

Religious freedom is being curbed to favor Muslims.  Muslims are allowed to behave in different ways than the rest of the population, and people get ostracized for disagreeing with this trend.  Governments are punishing their own native citizens for not being sensitive, accommodating or tolerant.  However, the migrant population is unwilling to assimilate and they work very hard to try and impose their world-view into the public sphere.


Then there’s the real threat of terror and civil unrest.  Muslims have been leading protests across Europe, calling for the downfall of western freedom and the imposition of Sharia law.  Terrorist attacks by radical Muslim individuals and groups have been growing in frequency and severity.  This is what happens when countries open the door to hateful savages who want nothing more than to slaughter innocent blood in order to impose Islamic law across the free world.

While it is true that most Muslims are not violent or hold extremist views, our laws and idea of tolerance makes it difficult to identify those who are.  We also get labeled as insensitive or discriminatory if we try to proactively find ways to protect ourselves and way of life.  This is all part of an orchestrated movement that has been quietly unfolding for many years.  People who are adept at playing the system are slowly changing the rules to their advantage, and we have been doing very little to stop them.

Our threat to freedom in America comes in large part to liberalization as well as a manipulation of our laws.  New York has decided to include Muslim holidays on school calendars.  States are allowing women to have their ID photos taken with their faces covered.  Christians are limited in terms of what they can say or believe out of fears of getting caught up in hate speech laws.  Airports are building Muslim prayer rooms, and Islamists are populating communities for the sole purpose of influencing legislation.

Muslims sue employers, cities and even individuals who dare try to express their cultural or religious identity, and they are winning.  This quiet revolution is happening in what was the most free country on the planet.  It is also happening despite a relatively-controlled flow of immigration.  Imagine what’s happening around the world where immigration laws and enforcement is much more lax than they are here.

This is as much our problem as it is theirs because we are all dependent on each other thanks to globalization.  We need to realize that protecting our borders involves a lot more than building a fence across the width of Mexico.  We are facing a greater threat to our very way of life as long as mass-migration from Muslim countries continues unabated.

Unfortunately, this trend will continue as long as liberal governments do nothing out of fears of being considered non-progressive.  However, our future gets bleaker with each passing day as thousands upon thousands of migrants cross our borders.  We are on the cusp of a new kind of world-war, and our governments are committed to bringing that conflict to our shores by letting the enemy walk right inside.

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