Iran, China and Cuba and the Future of America


The Obama administration has been working hard behind the scenes to re-define America’s role in the world.  However, many of these activities have been a well-kept secret until policies started rolling out this year.  Part of this success stems from their ability to distract conservatives with border security and immigration issues.  This intentional misleading of the American public has allowed the White House to literally attempt give away the candy store, and they got away with it.  Mostly.

Congress was able to stop the economy-killing trade deal with Asia.  Congress has intervened in order to have a hand in the Iran nuclear negotiations.  However, these actions were reactionary in nature out of a desperate attempt to try and keep O’bama accountable.  Conservatives dropped the ball in a big way by not paying attention to what the White House was scheming, and a lot of damage has already been done.

Look at the normalization of relations with Cuba.  While many people think that Cuba is no longer a threat, they couldn’t be more wrong.  The same issues that caused us to break off relations with Cuba a half-century ago still exist today.  Cuba is a gateway for communist influences to take hold at our doorstep.

We built a wall around Cuba to protect our national interests and to preserve freedom by containing the reach of our enemies.  Those forces still exist, their goals are still the same, and we’ve allowed anti-American influences to take hold and penetrate our borders and economy.  We have now given both China AND Russia a foothold to exploit, and their influence in the region will be detrimental to the United States over the coming years.

Our deal with Iran is still on the table, and there is going to be some kind of agreement at the end of the day despite roadblocks from Congress.  To O’bama’s credit, dealing with Iranian nukes started with the Bush administration who kicked the can down the road.  However, instead of nipping it in the bud once and for all, O’bama decided that we should normalize relations with Iran so that it would take them longer to build their weapons instead of building them today.

This is a deal that a lot of countries, especially in the Middle East do not want to see transpire.  It puts Israel in a very difficult position, it scares Saudi Arabia, and it will further destabilize a part of the world that’s just ready to explode as it is.  And for what?  There’s no conceivable reason in terms of our national interests to give Iran any room at the negotiating table.  They have nothing that we want, except hollow gestures of peace and goodwill that seem to pull at the heart strings of the liberal establishment.

We are literally putting money into the coffers of the Iranian government, which is hell-bent on our destruction, for the sake of a promise of peace that will never come.  At the same time, we are contending with aggressive military action in the Persian Gulf by Iran while the Ayatollah keeps telling followers that the west needs to be eliminated.

The theme of O’bama’s foreign policy is not that different from Clinton’s back in the 1990’s.  Conventional leftist wisdom relies on appeasing and placating our enemies for the sake of peace.  However, history has shown us that this approach empowers our enemies while bleeding the United States dry.  We don’t have to look any further than China for an example of how this policy is horribly wrong.

China is going to be the world’s largest power and economic influence.  It’s only a matter of time.  Their meteoric rise into the geopolitical stratosphere was financed by the United States and the west.  We fed the Chinese economy by shipping our entire manufacturing base overseas.  Instead of bringing our industrial might back home, the White House decided to give China even more influence and power by lowering our trade standards to meet their interests.  While O’bama’s Asian trade pact is temporarily off the table, the damage has already been done.

Our position on the global stage has diminished in ways that were once thought to be inconceivable before O’bama took office.  Our strength, economic security and future as a nation have been threatened by a systemic and carefully planned out strategy that has largely been effective.

In order for a new world order to take shape, the might of the United States as well as its global moral influence needs to be eliminated.   This is being accomplished by fueling the growth of our enemies while destabilizing the geopolitical landscape.  We are facing threats to freedom, liberty and prosperity like never before, and policies have been building up to this point for quite some time.

The question is whether or not the genie can be put back in the bottle. The reality is that it may be too late despite the fact that Congress and the American people are finally getting wise to what’s happening.



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