Illegal Immigration is Our Second Largest Security Threat

August 31, 2015

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Aside from cyber-terrorism and data theft, the lack of immigration controls is the largest threat to national security. This is despite almost 15 years of post 9/11 security, an enormous amount of money being infused into Homeland Security and the largest increase of border agents in history. Someone really has dropped the ball in terms of beefing up security along our borders and removing unwanted individuals who have already crossed over.


First it took states a long time to get the attention of the federal government. Then it took years before the feds developed and maintained a minimal presence along the border. Now we’re facing the debate about whether or not to build a fence. It seems that logic has left the building as Washington does a whole of talking while delivering little in terms of actionable solutions. Meanwhile, our borders are as porous as ever, and we are now seeing an influx of a different type of illegal immigrant.


The threat doesn’t come from individuals who try to cross over for better opportunities or to flee poverty and crime that is endemic in many parts of Latin America. The threat comes in the form of criminals, rapists, Muslim extremists and other individuals who wish to do us harm. While our government spends billions and billions of dollars on “black” defense projects, such as spying on the communications of Americans, people by the hundreds are sneaking into the country on a daily basis.


What makes matters worse is that once they get here, and those who get caught, face a dysfunctional and fragmented enforcement system. On one hand, we have states like Arizona that are pressing for more police powers in order to round up and deport illegal immigrants. On the other hand, we have states like California that invent new ways of sheltering and protecting undocumented individuals.


California is getting a lot of media attention recently due to their complete irresponsibility with respect to handling illegals. San Francisco is considered to be a safe haven for illegals due to the local government’s disinterest in working with the feds to identify, locate, round up and deport them. This is why a hardened criminal, who was deported numerous times, was able to brutally kill an innocent citizen for no apparent reason. He knew that he was safe in California.


The City of Huntington Park in California was also in the news recently for appointing some illegal immigrants to governmental commissions. This is a blatant attempt to usurp federal immigration law that is supposed to set the standards for the entire country to follow. Instead of reporting these individuals to the proper authorities, the City has decided to embrace them, support and celebrate their status and thumb their nose at our national policies and procedures.


On the other hand, places like Arizona, Texas and New Mexico are relying on citizens to patrol borders because they can’t get enough federal support.   Another problem is that a lot of the land that the border falls on is owned by the federal government, and states don’t have any jurisdiction.


One thing that seems to escape most of the pundits and politicians on both sides of this issue is the fact that people are watching how we manage the border and exploiting us with what they see. Illegals, their coyotes and other people involved in the human-smuggling and criminal-trafficking food chain watch us like hawks. They know more about our defenses, tactics and weaknesses than our own enforcement personnel, and they take advantage of every opportunity to sneak in where we aren’t able to catch them.


Another strategy that has proven to be extremely successful is to send children across the border in an attempt to pull at the heart-strings of the American people. The result is tens of thousands of young people being interred at camps all along the border as leaders try to figure out to do with them. Then we have the problem of criminals and terrorists who have already been here for a while, embedded in our society and ready to strike when called to action.


We need strong leadership that will whip the nation into shape in terms of creating responsible immigration laws and then enforcing them across the board. Illegal immigration is one of our greatest vulnerabilities, yet so many politicians are afraid to take any decisive steps to eradicate this threat. What is it going to take for Americans to wake up and realize that we must secure our borders?

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