Hillary and Donald and Their Financial Fantasy Land

August 26, 2015

Controversy, Pros and Cons



Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump share some very important things in common. They are shrewd, manipulative, opportunistic, influential and they know how to make money. They also know how to use the system to their advantage in order to maximize wealth and deflect governmental investigations. However, they are both very different in terms of how they earn money and use it to further their personal and political goals.


They both also live in a financial fantasy land that is difficult for the American mainstream to comprehend. Donald Trump talks nonchalantly about how he’s been through corporate bankruptcy four times in order to escape debt and protect his personal assets. Hillary talks about how the Clinton’s were broke when leaving office and how they bounced back through the hard work of fund raising, giving speeches and writing books.


Both of them have no clue about what it is like to make ends meet, or how to live with the uncertainty of not having a job or losing a business.   Donald Trump is not at all ashamed of his success, and it’s his gregariousness that propelled him into the national spotlight to begin with. He’s forthcoming, honest and not shy about telling people how they can succeed as well. Hillary, on the other hand, keeps trying to apologize for her wealth in order to get voters to sympathize with her plight. While both of them are self-made, only one of them has the wherewithal to publicly take ownership and pride in their success.


This distinction follows a pattern along party lines, and we can learn a lot about Democrats and Republicans from the financial attitudes of Donald and Hillary. Republicans tend to be more focused on pursuing and embracing success. They also tend to also focus on personal accountability such as owning up to failures, dusting off and moving forward. Democrats tend to focus on the unfairness of being successful and creating a government that will take care of people when they do fail or fall down.


Trump is by all accounts a very abrasive individual. However, he does not usually mince words when it comes to why people do not succeed as well as what it takes to make it in this world. He is also very smart financially and knows how to game the system to his advantage. However, so does everyone else to one degree or another, so it’s really unfair to fault him for doing the same thing. He also doesn’t have a lot of sympathy for people who have the potential to do great things who refuse to pull themselves up by their boot-straps.


He believes in the power of self-achievement, the importance of being fiscally responsible and operating under a government that is minimally-invasive. Most Republicans also share this philosophy, and it has worked very well over the years.


Clinton knows that a lot of people do not like her, and for good reason. She is disingenuous, unethical and irresponsible. However, she also knows that she can get a lot of votes by appealing to the poor and downtrodden and blaming the rich for their misery. Then she steps in with her ideas of creating a big, daddy government to take care of everyone. This is also the general philosophy of the Democratic party, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how their policies have been a monumental failure.


They want voters to believe that rich people have ruined this country and how only the government can step in to get our nation moving forward. Meanwhile, they create trade policies that destroy jobs, kill wages and turn America into a service economy that is reliant on the government. Think of how many jobs people now have that are tied to governmental agencies or programs. Now think of all of those mom-and-pop businesses that have shut down. See a pattern? That’s the Democratic philosophy at work.


The problems that America faces has little to do with rich people, but stupid decisions that have been made based on a flawed liberal philosophy. While both candidates are completely out of touch with middle-America and live in a financial bubble, only one of them has some semblance of an idea about how to move this country forward in the right direction.


Republican principles are good for individual success as well as national progress because they are geared towards fiscal and social responsibility. 2016 is a pivotal election because it will cement the fiscal direction that the United States will take, and Republicans are the only ones who can get America out of financial fantasy land.


















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