Gun Ban for Social Security Recipients



The O’bama administration rolled out their latest and greatest gun control proposal to date. They want to make it harder for those who collect Social Security benefits to arm themselves legally. This reaction is in response to yet another round of shootings and grizzly murders that were perpetuated by crazy people. It’s also another clever way that O’bama is trying to stick his socialist tentacles into the daily lives of American Citizens.


Under the new guidelines, the Social Security Administration will be required to provide the government with the identities of certain individuals who may be disqualified from owning a gun. These would include those in poor mental health or who are otherwise not competent enough to qualify for a permit. However, the burden of figuring out who gets put on that list falls to the Social Security Administration.


This leaves the door wide-open for all sorts of problems on multiple levels. First, one of the biggest, heartless and most inefficient government bureaucracies will get to determine if a recipient should be blacklisted. Second, this plan represents a significant intrusion into our constitutional rights and liberties. Privacy issues are also raised as well as the unintended consequences of being mistakenly blacklisted.


Aside from being monumentally insensitive and intrusive, this plan does very little to actually deal with the source of gun violence. While it stands to reason that this plan will help to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people to a certain extent, it does little to stop the lunatics who are doing most of the killing in the first place. Most of these people don’t have a permit for their guns. Neither do drug dealers, gang members and other criminals.


Criminal background checks are an effective way to control who gets a gun, but they accomplish very little when it comes to preventing gun violence. This has been an established fact since background checks were required as the result of the Brady Bill during the Clinton era. Nothing about adding Social Security recipients to the NCIS database is going to make much of a difference in terms of gun violence in this country.


Social Security recipients did not need to sign away their civil rights in order to get help from the federal government. Why should they be denied the right of due process and the right of gun ownership just because they are collecting benefits? This is one of the most blatant and surprisingly discriminatory steps that the O’bama White House has taken in a systematic effort to limit the rights of Americans. The sad reality is that it looks like they might get away with it.


However, there are far-reaching consequences to this policy that extend well-beyond gun control. This will be another avenue in which the government can collect and store data and information about millions of citizens. This is part of a larger effort to tie governmental agencies together in order to simplify and organize the flow of information about the lives of Americans.


This greater effort has been tremendously successful. Americans are already asked to supply their personal information to a national insurance database. Travelers are screened before being allowed to fly on airplanes. Most of our phone calls, emails and browsing activities are monitored to one degree or another. The government took greater control over the federal student loan program and now maintains a database for that as well.


Sooner or later, these and other sources of information will be aggregated and stored, and the feds will be able to call up an individual profile for any person who happens to be “on the grid”. This latest proposal is just a little nugget of truth that is predictably and conveniently being left out of mainstream media news reports.


Always remember that the federal government, in its current state, is not there to protect us. It is there to keep us under control, to limit our freedom and to think of new and amazing ways to destroy what our founding fathers have built. Gun control is completely ineffective, and the government knows this.


It is likely that this plan will become reality to one degree or another, and Americans should mourn that another chip is being chiseled away from our liberties. The other tragedy is that O’bama is using retirees and those on disability to further his socialist agenda, and there is little that can be done to stop him.

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