Gay Marriage and The Persecution of Religious Schools

August 26, 2015

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The Supreme Court ruling that essentially made gay marriage a civil right also put many religious schools across the country in a difficult legal position. Many private, Christian schools receive federal funding as long as they follow certain, general guidelines. One of these guidelines involves protecting the civil rights of students. Since being gay is now essentially a civil right, schools with anti-homosexual policies face sanctions from the feds.


This state of legal-limbo has yet to be extensively tested through the courts. This means that it’s only a matter of time before someone complains that their gay child has been discriminated against at the hands of a homophobic bigot in school. Concerns have mounted to the degree that constituents have been contacting their senators and representatives, and legislation has been quickly drawn up and introduced that can protect schools.


However, we are a long way off from getting any clearly-defined legal footing on this issue. It will take years before any current and future concerns are challenged and ruled on by the courts. In the meantime, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that schools will be put in the awkward position of having to either compromise on their beliefs or risk facing federal civil rights violations.


What is simply beyond the realm of comprehension is how the courts can decide to validate same-sex relationships while also denying religious groups and people of faith their basic civil rights. On one hand, the government is essentially saying that we anyone has a constitutional right to be gay, but if we are religious, then we must subjugate those beliefs in order to avoid offending homosexuals.


This is a clear violation of our basic constitutional rights that have been clearly defined and upheld by precedent for centuries.   This decision is also a clear example of how the courts are legislating from the bench and encroaching on the liberty of the electorate. Now the burden is on religious schools and groups to defend their beliefs in the form of answering to policies that don’t align with what the courts have decided.


This defense will be expensive, and the financial burden will be borne by individuals who give to support these schools and organizations. Consequently, this is not just an infringement on the rights of religious organizations, but on citizens of faith as well. Therefore, the challenge of defending our constitutional right to the freedom of religious expression falls on people of faith around the country.


Schools and organizations also face problem from state agencies as well as accrediting organizations as well. To make matters worse, there will be little in the form of precedent to fall back on until the federal government intervenes and grants protections.


We’ve seen how the law doesn’t always deter blatant and outright assaults on our religious freedom. Many suits have been filed that range from taking God out of the pledge of allegiance to keeping faith-oriented Christmas decorations off of public property. Unfortunately, a lot of these suits went unchallenged or were settled because defending them would be such a costly and drawn out process.


One of the most egregious violations of religious liberty occurred when the Mayor of Houston, Texas decided to force local pastors to release transcripts and recordings of sermons for government inspection. While this did not stand in court, the fact that the police could come into a place of worship and seize protected material without due process in the first place is astounding.


People of faith are being attacked every day in this country. Unfortunately, much of this persecution goes unnoticed by the general public. The liberal elite want to keep it this way, and this silent erosion of our religious freedom is just another step on a long road to tyranny. It’s bad enough that schools have to teach evolution in order to receive federal funds. Now they can be sued simply for believing in the basic tenets of their faith by not supporting homosexuality.


This is just part of a multi-pronged attack on civil liberties in general. We have lost our right to due process. We don’t have a right to privacy, our right to bear arms is impeded, and now we have the government in our classrooms telling us what we can and can not believe.


It is essential that we are supporting candidates who are unashamed to defend religious liberties in the 2016 election. Unfortunately, we know very little about exactly where our candidates stand on this issue. Now is the time to hold candidates accountable so we can have fighting chance of electing true patriots to office who will defend the constitution instead of erasing it.







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