American Exceptionalism Trumps Revisionist History

August 12, 2015

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High School AP students will be getting access to an improved curriculum in their history classes this year, thanks to widespread efforts by conservatives from around the country. The College Board, a behemoth organization that helps to implement curriculum in American schools, has come under fire for publishing a left-leaning and unpatriotic history course last year. This about-face is big news for those who value the importance of exposing students to American Exceptionalism.


The College Board not only produces curriculum, but they also develop and run the SAT test along with college-equivalency skills examinations that allow students to skip some general education courses. This is a large, trusted and entrenched organization that has a huge amount of influence over what our children are taught in school.


Revising history in our classroom is nothing new, and this is a battle that will be waged for decades to come. The stakes are high. We will either produce future generations of Americans who believe in the greatness and potential of our nation, or they will believe that America is no better or worse than other country. Unfortunately, the liberal influences in our educational system are systemically trying to instill the latter into our children.


However, they got caught and checked this time around by teachers, parents, politicians and a huge portion of the American public. The message is clear. Americans want to instill values into our children that emphasize the greatness of our nation.


I still don’t quite understand why American Exceptionalism irks the liberal elite to begin with. What’s wrong with presenting our history in the context of accomplishing great things? We were the first real country that established a government for and by the people. We guaranteed certain freedoms and created a home where people from all over the world could build and share. We are a nation of hopeful optimists, dreamers and visionaries, borne from a clear desire to be different. We are exceptional, and the world is a better place because of our influence.


Part of the problem is that liberals have a hard time with accepting the bad as well as the good in terms of what we produce as a nation. Maybe they feel sorry for slavery, discrimination, some stupid wars we fought and other events that we have perpetuated. For them, it’s hard to combine the accomplishments with our shortcomings. However, instead of presenting the good and the bad in an accurate light, liberals want to forget about the good as a way to punish us for making those mistakes.


There’s also the issue of faith. Liberals want to eliminate faith from the public arena because of it’s potential to offend people or make them feel uncomfortable. For them, there is no way to have cultural sensitivity and a core, faith-based value system that is held by the majority of the population at the same time. However, faith is an integral part of our history. Liberal attempts to purge faith from our growth as a nation is part of their strategy to dull our sensibilities as a culture.


Unfortunately, history needs to be re-written in order to avoid offending those who do not share the common beliefs that were held by our founders. Faith guided the formation of our constitution and bill of rights. It influenced how a free society was formed. It led to tremendous blessings and prosperity that have been unmatched by any other country on earth. However, faith has no place in academia, so our students end up with a distorted version of our past that will undoubtedly alter the course of our future.


We should not ever be ashamed of our past to the degree that we will re-write it. Our shining moments as well as colossal mistakes make us who we are as a nation. We have a responsibility to form our young people to prepare them to be responsible and engaged citizens.


This reversal on behalf of one of the most influential curriculum providers in the country is a milestone.

We won a small battle by forcing the re-introduction of American Exceptionalism into history textbooks this year. However, the war is far from over, and we have a long way to go in order to develop an educational system that does not diminish the greatness of our nation and citizenry.




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